Francisco Gómez-Zubeldia Soroa

Soroa was born in March 2018, with the idea of ​​carrying out a personal project. In one of my internships in an office I decided that it was not the time to be cloistered there, or that I wanted to set up something. I consider myself a restless and ambitious person. I needed to move, escape from the usual and start an idea that I had in my head for a long time. So, I said to myself, why not? Why don't you start? At first, fear sets in, you don't know where to start, who to go see. You think about whether your project will be successful or not and that terrifies you, but after thinking about it a lot, I came to a conclusion: I am young, and I really want to do something more, to go further... I was clear about it. “Build something... do it now.” ”!

That's how it was, I finished working in the office and I embarked on the adventure. At first, the people around you see it as strange, difficult. Every day they repeat to you a thousand times: “Are you sure?”; “You get involved in a project that is difficult to turn out well.” The most classic ones insisted to me: “Why don't you work in an office or a company?” However, the same idea kept coming to mind: at the moment it is not my world, I want to change something... I want to build...

I may be entering into a complicated project, as many tell me, but I do it with enthusiasm and with the idea of ​​changing things. That's where Soroa was born. Why personalized travel bags? The truth is that I had always thought about it. I am a person who loves sports. Sport and traveling. Every time I went to a soccer match, to play tennis or paddle tennis, to play golf, to the gym or when I went on a trip, whether it was for two days or a week and you don't want to carry the typical wheeled suitcase, I wanted to have a bag that I liked, something different, something special. Why did we always have to go with the bags that everyone carries or the advertising ones that they give us all?; Why weren't there different bags? I wanted mine, one that convinced, so I told myself: "don't waste time, create them."

I got in the car and started traveling through many cities in Spain. I had to look for beautiful, unique and different fabrics. I wanted my bags to have high quality leather. Ultimately, I wanted to make the perfect bag. I started designing different models, without having a clear path because honestly the beginning of a project is very difficult and laborious. Even so, you are delighted, because at the end of the day it is your project. You don't mind dedicating hours and hours of work because you see the entire production process, the chain of your work and how the effort and enthusiasm end up in the travel or sports bags that you have always wanted.

The result of the above is the bag that I present to you here and that I hope can accompany you on your daily adventure.